Automated Interpretation


Multilingual Interface


One to One & Group Calls

Payment Gateway Integration

Showcase Content

This feature is mobile friendly and can be customized to your brand’s desired style

Whilst you prepare for the main event, the participants and attendees will be waiting in an aesthetically pleasing virtual lobby.

Encourage the audience to participate through a voting system. This feature allows you to engage with the audience and gain their responses to improve your business model.

Engage with the audience through the chat feature which allows participation in polls on trending topics and results can be viewed in real time.

Get valuable feedback from your audience through the survey feature. This allows you to make room for improvement in every aspect.


Gain a comprehensive understanding on the fundamentals of hosting hybrid and virtual events and select your provider by registering for our free webinar session today.

Offer your global audience the flexibility to choose from multiple languages for a better understanding.

This feature can be used from any device with utmost convenience.

A reliable web analytics facility that tracks business traffic and generates operational reports

Get valuable insights from the traffic you’ve gained for your virtual-hybrid event

Allow attendees to access and utilize materials from the workshop for future use.

It is primarily designed for storing, processing, and retrieving information for dissemination on demand for ease of access and needs of users.

An effective way to communicate and stay connected with an emerging audience on a daily basis.

Expand your pipeline and boost sales by effectively marketing yourselves through the integrated tools which help you make the most of social media platforms.

Increase and enhance audience participation during discussions, polls and other engaging activities

This flexible feature is compatible with PC, mobile and other devices as well

Monetize your workshop and boost sales by hosting a series of workshop events.

The payment gateway is functional and easy to use on any device, not to mention it provides a seamless check-out process for users anywhere.

The platform is extremely user-friendly and great graphics providing the user a smooth experience

User registration will be done prior to the event through the website

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