Automated Interpretation


Multilingual Interface


One to One & Group Calls

Payment Gateway Integration

Showcase Content

This feature is mobile friendly and can be customized to your brand’s desired style

Whilst you prepare for the main event, the participants and attendees will be waiting in an aesthetically pleasing virtual lobby

Our powerful and robust chat tools enable seamless one to one as well as multiple communication between exhibitors and prospects visiting their booths.

Respond to queries through engaging tools and increase sales


Gain a comprehensive understanding on the fundamentals of hosting hybrid and virtual events and select your provider by registering for our free webinar session today.

Offer your global audience the flexibility to choose from multiple languages for a better understanding

This feature can be used from any device with utmost convenience

Find out what visitors were interested in and what was most purchased

Get a detailed report of traffic metrics that were observed during the event.

Showcase your unique offerings at your event. Our platform includes customizable booth designs, which means you’re in control of your event throughout.

Our platform offers an easy to use and smooth interface for attendees to navigate and explore the virtual-hybrid space

Set up your exhibitor booths in the right spot, where visitors can find you easily via PC or mobile device

Provide visitors about useful information about the products and services to present your unique points and why it stands out

Put out resources such as videos about product demos, flyers and offering coupons.

Registration can be done through the web browser with a few clicks

The first step to kicking off your virtual conference is getting users around the world to register. We help you generate a customizable registration page with a great user interface and graphics that would entice the audience to sign up.

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