Virtual or Hybrid Career Fairs

Hire talent from all around the globe and get to speak with all the applicable candidates on the spot. Pick from a variety of tools and features to make your recruitment journey smooth.

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Virtual or Hybrid Education Fair

Organize an exciting experience for students and parents to learn more about university life. Speed up the process by receiving applications almost instantly and engage with prospective students of different backgrounds and cultures to know more about their interests.

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Virtual or Hybrid International Meetings

Invite your attendees to a whole new experience of meetings and discussions. Set up a creative space to showcase your enticing content and network through easy-to-use tools and chat interface.

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Virtual or Hybrid Motor Show

Host an exciting virtual-hybrid motor show and boost engagement with automobile enthusiasts from all over the world. Enable interaction amongst your potential audience through a variety of built-in tools and improve your sales pipeline.

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Virtual or Hybrid Product Launch

Showcase your products by hosting an enticing launch event with a variety of audience engagement tools and features to allow attendees to learn more and purchase.

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Virtual or Hybrid Project Tours

Build a quality pipeline with generated leads through your project tour. Entice the audience and present your work in a well-designed custom space. Create a booth and put up informative and engaging content about your project. Communicate and answer visitor’s queries through easy-to-use chat features and text, audio and video support on the platform.

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Virtual or Hybrid Real Estate Tours

Showcase your real estate listing with virtual tours and start selling from home. Host a virtual tour for prospects by giving them a 360-degree view of the property and communicate through robust chat features and high-quality video calls.

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Virtual or Hybrid Road Show

Boost engagement with car enthusiasts from all over the world and improve your sales pipeline by hosting your own road show virtual event.

Virtual or Hybrid Trade Fairs

Build a unique virtual environment and invite your audience to your outstanding trade show within the digital arena. Set up your booths, showcase your content, interact with the audience and offer a smooth check out procedure with the integrated payment gateway.

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Virtual or Hybrid Workshops

Create a professional looking out of the box event experience for your audience. Global audience can choose to utilize the interpreter in case of any language barriers as well as take digital notes and access resources securely.

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