Manage and track the traffic and engagement your event has brought in.

Display content

Entice your audience with engaging content through video walls


Enable audience engagement and participation through tools and polls.


Help users connect and network with other users of similar interests.


Keep your attendees updated about your event from anywhere at any time.

One-to-many events

Plan and host seamless small-scale to worldwide events

Access Control

Access control individuals can authorize and access controls to avail the information needed securely.

Digital Business Cards

An efficient way of creating digital business cards all under one website portal for your personal and professional use. It is simple to utilize, accessible and caters to an eco-friendly environment by saving trees when you choose digital business cards as an option. Form your profile, add meticulous details, scan and share it digitally within minutes

Knowledge Hub For Curious Minds

Our devoted and experienced video production team will render dynamic and engaging video packages to incorporate your brand’s mission and vision.

Payment Gateway

A reliable, easily accessible and user-friendly payment gateway for transactions from across the globe. Transaction fees, payment support, customer service, supplier convenience, and development policies to enable safe transactions. Multiple online payment methods with high security to avert any risk and to boost your brand’s revenue.


Registration will be done prior to the event through the website or app. It is user-friendly and ranges from the best possible platform providing the user a stress-free experience.

Voting System

The Voting system is an audience catered system where the response of the audience is of utmost importance. This system increases the productivity and output of the hosted meetings and events, helping businesses to further improve their capabilities, unique selling point and business models according to the response of the audience therefore increasing their competitiveness

Analytics and Reports

A reliable web analytics facility that tracks business traffic and generates operational reports.

Business Lead Generation

Essential to growing your brand image and business. This feature will allow an upsurge in the leads for your businesses. A vast variety of services is offered under this feature such as advertising, promotion and marketing to gain more business leads.


Graphical user interface that will deliver in depth key performance indicators related to the business process and objectives.

Digital Note Taking

A user friendly feature that allows quick organization and sharing with easy navigation and search. Your digital note book on a secured platform, accessible from anywhere and anytime.

Social Media Integration

An effective way to communicate and stay connected with an emerging audience on a daily basis. This feature enables brands to effectively market themselves and generate business leads and traffic.

Automated Interpretation

Organize virtual as well as hybrid conferences with live translation of speaker presentations in multiple languages. Increase and enhance audience participation during discussions, polls and other engaging activities. The feature is compatible with PC, mobile and other devices as well.

Personal Agenda Setup

Find a secured and reliable personal agenda set up custom made according to your needs.

Survey System

A particularly designed online survey tool for individuals, business and government entities that provide feedback from the audience and therefore allows them to improve their services and offered products.

Payment Gateway Integration

Boost sales with your conference and a smooth check out process for your attendees. It is functional and easy to use. Improve customer journey by integrating the easy-to-use gateway with any device.

Advanced Multilingual Interface

Offer your global audience the flexibility to choose from 80+ languages for a better understanding. This feature can be used from any device with utmost convenience.

Measure the success of your event or multiple events through detailed visual reports and aligned KPIs through the platform.

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