The global health crisis has disrupted several events around the world, prompting organizers to find different means to conduct events without losing money on their investments. It often results in the transfer of resources and time to run an event smoothly.

In this blog, you will gain 5 tips and learn from a real life example on how to:

1. Shift from a live event to a virtual event

2. Find a win-win solution for users and event organizers

3. How to conveniently accommodate the changes due to social distancing measures

So, let’s get started!

Events10x client, the International Property Show (IPS) is a great example of a client gone from live to a virtual event during the current situation.

Type of Event Number of Participants Situation
Property Exhibition
  • 20,000+ visitors
  • 22 local & international media
  • 79 participating countries
  • 1,122 participants
Original Venue:
Dubai World Trade Center
Original Event Date: March 24-26, 2020
Exhibitors price: USD1500

How did IPS manage to host a digital event through the platform

1. Turning the event online through our live streaming feature

With the advancements in technology, there are various live streaming options to host events online. Now, organizers can establish connections with attendees online through personal video calls, live chats and many other options. Events10x also allows live streaming through third party apps such as YouTube and Zoom during an event.


Our simple registration process made it easy for IPS to create the online event and offer attendees a similar experience as they would have during physical events. The Events10x platform was able to set up webinars, an event stage and even VIP areas in a short time. From here, the event organisers can send in notifications during the start of a live stream to the audience.

2. Increasing the global networking and engagement efficiently

Not only was the virtual event engaging but it was also a key factor in helping users build long lasting global networks effectively. Through Events10x users could view individual profiles online but also schedule meetings through video calls and message attendees personally. Our platform helped participants at IPS to send out business cards online, promote engagement through live Q&A sessions and polls just as a physical event. In this, speakers could share their screens, answer questions live and read chats from the audience.


3. Broadcast emails through our event management platform

In light of recent world events, our client shifted the physical event to a virtual one and quickly informed participants through our seamless mailing system. In Events10x system, the client could place exhibitors, attendees and guest speakers into separate categories for greater convenience. From here, they could expand their communication to a large group of people and allow users to register onto the platform before the event


4. Using the right tools for your online event

The event had various features that were originally taking place in a physical environment with exhibition booths, real estate conferences, training sessions and workshops among others. Our platform gave the client various tools for exhibitors to customize their own stalls and showcase their product offerings to the virtual audience. They were able to host training sessions through presentations and also host large conferences. Using our platform allowed clients to get detailed post report metrics and host complex activities to participants.


5. Easily handle payments within minutes

Managing a large scale physical event can be costly in terms of money and time. However, given the situation, a virtual event was the only viable option. So how did we refund or administer new attendees? It was simple.


Our platform allowed users to safely and securely make online payments and register to the event through the click of a button. What would have been time consuming quickly became easier to manage and refund participants.

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