Manage and track the traffic and engagement your event has brought in.

Display content

Entice your audience with engaging content through video walls


Enable audience engagement and participation through tools and polls.


Help users connect and network with other users of similar interests.


Keep your attendees updated about your event from anywhere at any time.

One-to-many events

Plan and host seamless small-scale to worldwide events

Advanced Multilingual Interface

Offer your global audience the flexibility to choose from 80+ languages for a better understanding. This feature can be used from any device with utmost convenience.

Automated Interpretation

Organize virtual conferences with live translation of speaker presentations in multiple languages. Increase and enhance audience participation during discussions, polls and other engaging activities.

Engage with your audience

The chat feature allows you to interact live with agents and receive immediate responses to your questions and inquiries. Participate in polls on trending topics and view results in real time.

Knowledge Hub for curious minds

A hub comprising of end-user computing integrated software systems which distributes a plethora of knowledge. It is specifically designed for storing, processing, and retrieving information for dissemination on demand for ease of access and needs of users.

Organize interactive competitions

Competitions open for all around the globe will be conducted in a secure and digital environment which will allow participants to compete and gain global exposure through their dedication and efforts.

Seamless Payment Gateway Integration

Boost sales with your hybrid event and a smooth check out process for your attendees. It is functional and easy to use. Improve customer journey by integrating the easy-to-use gateway with any device.

Share business profiles and contact information with interested prospects

Allow users to network and share their business cards and profiles with potential leads to seek a business opportunity or collaborate an aspiring project.

Showcase and sell your products and solutions

Put a price on your solutions and showcase them to the world. Engage with interested and build a quality pipeline to carry forward for future events.


Welcome your audience with soothing acoustics

A virtual hall built with advanced acoustics to ensure the audience can view and hear live performances or view the previous conferences


Greet your audience with your virtual lobby

All the participants and attendees shall gather in the main virtual lobby prior to the program launch. Here lies a chance at expanding your business networking and diversifying your business portfolio

One-to-Many Events

Host and track single or multiple events at the same time

Organize events with a single individual or multiple organizations from around the world. This feature focuses on providing the end user one to one as well as group functionality

Online Registration

Register for any event online

User registration will be done prior to the virtual events through the website. The platform is extremely user-friendly and great graphics providing the user a smooth experience

Video wall

Showcase your content with the video wall

Content can be placed on a single display, stretched across multiple displays, or dragged across the display surface in a secure digital setting

Measure the success of your event or multiple events through detailed visual reports and aligned KPIs through the platform.

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