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Nov 11-20 2020






About The Event​

The International Property Show (IPS) is the leading local and international property sales conference in the Middle East, and is often seen asa prominent event of the Middle Eastern real-estate industry that hundreds of professionals from around the world attend. Learn how we at Events10x helped IPS create a stunning 10-day virtual event with over 79 participating countries, 1.1k virtual attendees and 22 local and international media.


Like all physical events, IPS was also affected by the pandemic in terms of:

  • Getting a physical venue while adhering to social distancing and lockdown rules
  • Ensuring a high number of attendance when international travel was banned
  • Being liable for all event personnel in case of a virus outbreak.


IPS reached out to us at Events10x, as they had realised a virtual event platform was the most adaptable format to conduct a conference in the challenging times. As IPS’s first digital conference, their main objectives were to create a high engagement event, be able to seamlessly network and highlight the sponsors & virtual exhibitors

We helped them achieve these objectives by creating a professional custom virtual environment that displayed their logos and sponsor materials. The branding was present in the lobby, auditorium & exhibition floor to fully simulate the feel of an in-person event. Our live wall chat & 1:1 networking feature allowed virtual attendees to interact with each other through video and audio meetings and exchange business information. Moreover, our platform enabled IPS to send out email campaigns to all registered attendees with a push of a button and let them to collect valuable and actionable attendee data.

With our support and other platform features, IPS was able to create an amazing 10-day virtual event that consisted of board meetings, project presentations, training seminars, video proposals, smart property valuations, press briefings, virtual networking, discussions and webinars. They were able to pull in a large volume of virtual attendees from all across the world in spite of the challenges brought by the pandemic and were able to create a highly engaging event with a total of 21,336 booth visitors and clicks to the exhibitors of the event.



Client Feedback

Some of the key benefits that Events10x provided and feedback according to Ms Tysha May Liong, Project Manager at IPS is as follows:

“All in all, Events10X was a powerful tool for our show to continue business amid the pandemic, it allowed us to:

  • Have lesser capital expenses and event manpower. 
  • Aide in promoting IPS through digital advertising.  
  • Utilize the platforms networking feature to connect attendees globally and create higher engagement.
  • Provide global accessibility to the event since it was open 24 hours for all regions and time zones and allowed attendees to re watch the event through the archived materials. Most of all, the platform was easy and convenient to use and manage"


The digital age has dawned and the pandemic has pushed event organizers across the world to realise the great economic and environmental benefits that virtual/hybrid events bring. We at Events10x are honoured to have hosted the International Property Show’s first virtual conference. We are proud to have given them a platform to host an inventive digital experience and grow from their traditional medium of organizing events.


International Property Show 2020

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