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Oct 20-22, 2020






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AIM, an investment conference held in a joint initiative with the UAE Ministry of Economy brings over 3000 local and international attendees yearly but the onset of the pandemic made it impossible to hold a physical event. With travel bans, social distancing and global lockdowns being enforced AIM needed to quickly find a virtual solution to host the conference and not let their exhibitors and participants down.

Here’s how Events10x came in to provide the perfect virtual venue to help them host AIM Digital, one of the highest attended AIM conferences to date with 160 participating countries, 16,548 registered virtual attendees, 198 global exhibitors and a total number of 54,681 virtual visits over a 3 day period.


With the pandemic, the challenges AIM faced were pretty straight forward

  • Who would participate since international travel was banned and lockdowns were placed? 
  • Were there still venues that would accommodate them in spite of the fines given out for hosting large gatherings
  • How could they manage the health and safety liabilities of their exhibitors, participants and venue staff?



Due to these challenges AIM decided to postponed their conference and started to look into the idea of hosting a virtual conference. As an event held exclusively for the MENA region, AIM was looking specifically for a UAE based virtual platform to host their first digital conference and this is how they came across Events10x!
AIM needed a platform that was user friendly, easy to navigate, be able to conduct seamless virtual networking and host panel discussions. We stood out to them because of the unique features we provided, in terms of

  • A customizable virtual venue that simulated a physical environment with AIM branding,
  • An auditorium room & exhibition show floors that allowed them host presentations and debates and showcase exhibitors
  •  Analytics tools to help gather attendee data and measure ROI,
  • 1:1 video and audio meetings for networking, live wall chat and direct messaging
  • Built in emailing feature to send out EDMS and other marketing materials

These features helped AIM host to webinars, panel discussions, media round tables, Investor-client meetings and individually create auditoriums for the main 6 investment pillar over the 3-day event period. They were also able to set up an automatic campaign blast to the registrants and collect valuable marketing data of all the attendees and could give their exhibitors individual booth analytics which helped them measure their ROI.

Client Feedback

Mr Walid Farghal, Director General at AIM gave us his feedback on what
“Events10x was the perfect virtual solution for us when we were looking for a digital event platform to host AIM on, it greatly helped us to 

  • Reduce costs as we did not require spending on a physical venue, accommodations for guests, food & beverage, contractors and much more.
  • Reach a broader audience because usually, the event physical event gathers around 3000 -5000 people annually but AIM Digital allowed us to reach a virtual audience of 16k. 
  • To invite and confirm speakers and high-level dignitaries that were usually difficult to confirm during physical events.
  • Create revenue in a time where the events industry has taken a huge dip because of the pandemic
  • Simulate the feel of a physical event and give our sponsors and exhibitors their ROI.
Hosting AIM Digital on Events10x gave us the faith to host our subsequent AIM webinars and country editions on the platform and we look forward to the many AIM hybrid and virtual events we will do in the future.



Events10x was proud to host AIM’s first digital conference and give them the platform to achieve their conference goals and objectives and use the unique features to virtual network and gather data. We were happy to provide the premier UAE based virtual solution that helped them to 10x the event in terms of engagement, innovation and return on investment

Annual Investment Meeting Digital 2020

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