Are you planning on hosting engaging virtual events in 2021? We bring you a variety of amazing features that you will definitely need to bring your next virtual event to life. Build your event by picking all the right features and tools to make it an unforgettable experience for your audience. As we all know, a lot of effort goes into organizing an event. From deciding the location, marketing to keeping the audience interested and analyzing the ROI of the event with a lot of tasks in between, it’s not a simple procedure.

So, to make event organization smooth and steady, we have come up with a bundle of features that will be useful to the end user belonging to corporations, organizations and universities in any part of the world.; Hosting your first virtual event? We’ll help!

You will need the following automated features to curate the best online event:

  • User Registration Page 
  • Rich and Vibrant Virtual Lobby  
  • Host multiple sessions at the same time 
  • Social Media Marketing integration
  • White Label Branding   
  • Boost Audience engagement 
  • Advanced Multilingual interface
  • Event Analytics 
Now, let's get started! a2.jpg

User Registration

Create a customizable registration page and let the audience know the purpose of your online event and why they would want to be a part of it. Events10X gives you various flexibilities when it comes to creating your brand's awareness by:

  • Brand your registration page with your cosmetic legacy and style that you believe will impress visitors and boost engagement during your virtual event.
  • Inform your audience about the type of event you will be hosting and if it would be a public or private event.
  • Spread awareness about your topic and specify the agenda of the event along with a catchy headline and resources that they’d be receiving at the end of the event.
  • Give your audience a peek of your virtual environment set up to excite them and give them an idea of what they’re about to sign up for.
  • Establish the mode of payment for your tickets through the registration page, whether it’s free or paid.

Virtual Lobby

While you add the final touches and prepare to kick off your amazing virtual event, set up your customized and branded aesthetically pleasing vibrant looking virtual lobby for your audience to wait in. Set up a video wall and banners that will showcase your brand and more details about the event.


Host Multiple Sessions at the Same Time

Managing multiple events sounds hard, doesn’t it? Not with Events10X! Build a qualitative pipeline by automating majority of the tasks by utilizing various products, tools and features built within the platform.

Capture quality leads from not just one, but multiple virtual events. Our platform gives you and your visitors the absolute virtual experience.

Host and manage multiple events from your dashboard and cater to your audience to boost engagement at the same time. Live updates will be captured on your dashboard to give you the latest update on your active events.


Social Media Marketing Integration

Marketing plays a huge role in gathering an audience for an event. Social media is the major component of any event marketing campaign. Through social media integration with your event, users will be made aware of your event through the following ways:

  • Social media posts about your virtual event

Create outstanding content that will help you build awareness and boost conversions organically or in a paid manner. Publish information about your virtual event on different social media platforms and create awareness for each persona in a unique manner. Reach out to different types of audiences about how your event will be taking place in the virtual arena and gather a global audience without any extra operational cost.

  • Ads for all types of audiences: new, warm, interested and super potential

You can place high converting ads and awareness-based ads to appeal to your audience and start building a pipeline by getting more and more people to register for your digital event. Place remarketing ads for those leads who are very close to converting and just need a little push.

  • Registration Page for capturing lead information

Utilize the branded and customized registration page to give the audience coming in from social media a clear-cut picture of your event and the specific goals set for the virtual event. Through social media platforms, get users to purchase tickets through the registration page or CTAs present with the posts.

Get people excited by selling your tickets at a discounted price for a limited period of time. Offers are a great way to immediately boost conversions and get more people to register for your event.

White Label Branding

Gain advantage from the ever-expanding list of white-label business opportunities that Events10X provides in the digital marketing world. Stay ahead of the curve with strategic solutions ready for your brand growth, revenue and client retention.

Events10X strives to provide your brand with an elevating experience through various white-label solutions such as: White-Label Digital Advertising, White-Label Social Media, White-Label Apps, White-Label Reputation Management, WhiteLabel Website Solutions, White-Label Content Creation, White-Label Graphic Design, White-Label Email Marketing, and White-Label SEO. Gain access to these white-label solutions and receive optimum maximization of resources, output, productivity and bridge the gap.


Boost Audience Engagement

Build a quality audience and enhance engagement with relevant interactive tools built into the virtual platform. Improve overall customer journey through improving the way you communicate with Your audience is an integral part of your journey. In order to keep them interested and connected, we offer a variety of amazing engagement tools that act as an icebreaker between the two parties sitting on two different ends of their devices.

Amplify your audience engagement through our virtual platform to boost engagement and elevate conversions. Events10X provides the ultimate features and tools for your audience to grow into conversions:


  • Polls and voting system

Test and learn about the audience through quizzes, polls and voting system on the topics focused during your virtual event. Gather answers on your dashboard and learn more about your attendees, their interests and if this could possibly lead to a potential lead. This shows the audience the extra mile you’ve gone to make the event more engaging.

The vital feature can be utilized during virtual conferences, meetings, exhibitions, job fairs, networking events and much more.

Corporations – Members of the management can use it to host quizzes amongst discussions with employees from international branches to land on a final verdict regarding a project or to gather feedback.

Organizations – Companies belonging to SMEs can quiz employees on their take during a meeting or brainstorming session regarding a launch or onboarding software. Management can record results accordingly and drive effective results.

Universities – Students can engage with alumni and university reps through these tools and build a connection as they go along. Vital information about the former and latter is gathered and can be utilized to boost application submissions.

  • Competitions and trivia questions

Competitions open for all around the globe will be conducted in a secure and digital environment which will allow participants to compete and gain global exposure through their dedication and efforts.

Corporations – International branch representatives all across the globe can compete against one another in games, trivia questions, trending topics and much more. Each branch will receive virtual points upon succeeding and awarded virtual rewards upon winning.

Organizations – Employees can form groups or play individually and compete against one another to participate in engaging activities and earn virtual points and rewards as a part of succeeding.

Universities – Universities can host trivia games and competitions such as hackathons for prospective students to ease into the process and start connecting while getting virtual points and rewards.

  • Automated Interpretation

Audience engagement includes audience participation. To encourage your entire audience to be a responsive part of the virtual event, they need to be able to interpret other responses and conversations happening during the event. Through Events10X platform, this feature is now inbuilt and works in real time, updating the participants from any device they’re using.

Corporations: Large corporations can host internal discussions/meetings and global virtual conferences with live translation of speaker’s presentations in multiple languages.

How is this beneficial? Well, this leads to an elevation in the audience engagement and encourages audience participation during discussions, polls and other engaging activities.

Organizations: Big or small companies can organize internal workshops/webinars for their employees and external training sessions for the public virtually. During these sessions, an interpreter would be converting the text spoken by the speaker in the desired language set by the end user. This helps in overshadowing a massive language barrier between the two parties during the event.

Universities: Students from across the world can be a part of the university culture webinars and engage with reps just like any other students speaking the same language as the speaker. Students and alumni can engage in a much better manner than in-person as the linguistic hurdle would be a major issue. Thanks to virtual networking events and job fairs, this hurdle will no longer be an issue.

  • Built in Video Engine

Virtual events can be private or public depending on the organizer. Events10X supports this feature of high quality one-to-one and group chat, audio and video call feature. This feature focuses on providing the end user one to one as well as group call functionality. Users can avail real-time information, peer-to-peer, media exchange between their devices. This feature ensures high quality of audio and video calls.

Corporations: Multi-national corporations can use this feature to host one to one as well as large scale conferences, meetings and exhibitions to. Both can happen in real time as well, from any device.

Organizations: Companies hosting internal meetings or training workshops and external ones can now do it in a more personalized way or invite a whole group to be a part of it.

Universities: Students/Alumni can get in touch with recruiters through a virtual job fair much better than an in-person event. Shortlisted candidates can then instantly interview in private virtually, with the job seekers.

  • Content

Content! Content! Content! We cannot emphasize enough on this buzzword. Good content attracts quality leads. As a corporation, organization and university, you can leverage our platform to blend in your rich evergreen content with the following resources provided on the Events10X platform:

Video Wall: Set your relevant video content on an inbuilt video wall to engage with the audience. Showcase your product or your services that you provide and elaborate through visual means. Videos are considered a great way of marketing and boost engagement on a higher scale compared to images.

Presentations: Create, customize and play creative presentations according to your brand and focus on enticing the audience with the topic at hand.

Make all the resources available soon after the event for audience to mark it as an unforgettable event and share it with their group at any time.

Advanced Multilingual Interface

Building a connection with global audience is now possible through Event10X’s multilingual platform. Users from anywhere across the world can choose to change the default language of the platform and become more aware about the virtual event.


Different branch members speaking different languages can communicate with each other through the virtual international meetings while being able to understand each other.

Corporations can host exhibitions and trade fairs with a global audience which requires engaging with audiences who speak different languages. To break the linguistic barriers, Events10X provides a platform that supports multiple languages.


Employees within the same organization can communicate with each other much more efficiently during presentations and discussions. This makes the all the employees feel inclusive and connected.

Organizations can host product launches and exhibitions virtually; this would involve a variety of audience tuning in from different regions. Events10X platform can be leveraged to conduct the most perfect event where the audience and speaker are in sync with each other as the language barrier is non-existent due to the multilingual support.


Virtual open day is an open invitation to many students from different areas of the world. To encourage participation in this case would be taken care by the multilingual feature which allows these students to take part in polls, debates and live Q&A questions happening in real time. This leads to a boost in engagement which in turn leads to more applications.

Event Analytics

Finally! At this point, you’re probably overwhelmed with the amazing response and quality leads you’ve accumulated. So, what’s the most obvious next move? If you answered no, then we’ve got you covered! If you’ve answered yes, let’s check if our answers match.

After you’re done hosting your virtual event, the most natural step is to measure the traffic and success gained during your event. Measure the ROI, number of visitors, average duration and prospective visitors. All of this information is presented in a detailed report soon after the event. Through these metrics, you can qualify your leads and begin campaigns for different objectives and boost conversions.

Corporations: After hosting your world-wide virtual event, get ready to analyse results and boost sales. Once a big event with audiences from around the globe, such as motor shows, virtual exhibitions, conferences, real estate fairs and networking events have come to an end. Reports with complete information such as number of visitors, average time each visitor has spent in the event, potential visitors, prospects who have filled applications, number of chat rooms created, trending topic in the group forums and conversions.

Organizations: Companies hosting virtual product launches, exhibitions and conferences on a smaller scale comparatively, gather results through traffic metrics such as number of visitors, average duration spent in the event, products sold, potential visitors, prospects who have filled applications, number of chat rooms created, trending topic in the group forums and conversions.

Universities: Universities holding different events such as open days for students, job fairs and networking fairs for students and alumni conduct analysis of their event by observing measured number of students, alumni, applications received from all over the world. Job seekers measure success by the number of job applications received, shortlisted candidates, chat rooms created throughout the event and number of interviews held with candidates all over the globe.

We encourage you to read through the features and compare different plans and pricing to gain more clarity on the different types of event management platforms and their most crucial features. Our events management software is a combination of all the beneficial features clustered into one. With Events10X, there’s no hassle & manual tasks. We believe in automating tasks and providing the best features to our customers. Experience the best virtual event with Events10X! Request for a free demo and experience the greatness yourself!