Why Hybrid?

Due to the unparalleled circumstances brought about by this pandemic, the event industry has been forced to be put on pause. Events including physical exhibitions, seminars, conferences, webinars are being cancelled or postponed. Virtual events are held for the same reasons as in-person events: to deliver your company’s message to drive leads and revenue, drive adoption, and build loyalty lifetime value. Virtual events help you connect with everyone and anyone globally. It also is very cost-efficient and you do not have to worry about travel expenses or even accommodation because all can be done from the confront of your own house or anywhere as a matter fact. It is also user-friendly and easy to use. Virtual events are the future. It is the safest option for things to continue and business still can be able to get their messages, goals, and objectives across the world.


Introducing Different Events That Can Be Hosted Hybrid

  • B2B Matching Event

This is a hybrid event that can be hosted in order to gain connections globally by chatting and commenting on live walls or even video call them.

  • Career Fair

This hybrid event can help your participants to search for open positions and companies so they can learn about them this can also help attendees to have interview’s through the video call function built in platforms

  • Trade Shows

Here attendees can download all the necessary files including brochures, photos products, etc

  • All Conferences & Meetings

Allows attendees to watch discussions about important topics or even organizers organize an important meeting online discussing their goals and objectives. An event here can be contributed too that includes conferences and meetings

  • Online Workshops

Many institutions would want to use a hybrid platform to offer courses for international students that cannot attend during this pandemic. There will be a live Q&A session, and one on one sessions with the students. Students can also attend their online classes that offer course material in format of exercise, videos, mock tests, etc.

Fundamentals of Event Planning

  • When thinking of virtual events, it is similar to in-person events, it needs a good marketing team. Without targeted, operative promotion, attendance suffers and you gain less leads.
  • The content of your event is the main pedestal when it comes to virtual events. In a virtual event, your content is your main event. The way you organize and add keynotes and engaging sessions on different stages in the auditorium custom-made to your attendees are essential.
  • Almost always we have to think about our customers, our participants. We need to keep virtual attendees engaged and interested so we can convert.
  • The way that these platforms are built helps the organizers to always collect data. Measuring engagement and getting attendee data are the way to prove event investment and activate future goals in order to receive venues and the same time use the most convenient platform.

What are The Questions to Ask When Planning a Hybrid Event?

  • Will you charge for your event or offer an access for everyone
  • How long are sessions and how will they be live
  • What happens if you get connectivity issues?
  • Will content be live or pre-recorded videos?
  • Have you created a guide for your participant’s on how to enter and use the platform so they can use it to their advantage during the event?

All these questions are necessary to ask during an online event in order to achieve the most networking and business matchmaking. Not only that some platforms offer demos to teach you how to use the platform and even upload. Thus, once you understand how simple it is to make an event in a few minutes it will be easy to get the message across your audience.


For offline events venue safety was always an important aspect for our audience and organizers. However, with the circumstances happening in the world today going hybrid has the highest security and level of safety among the people. You do not have to worry about seating arrangement with social distancing, venue sanitization, etc. All these things have been completely removed because you will be organizing and attending from the comfort of your home.


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