Even when live events return to the mainstream, virtual events are likely to continue to play a part in event strategies. Now, all you need is a superb event idea to build a strategy and churn results like never before! Excited?

Virtual meetings use an effective online networking platform to capture the essence of physical conferences and other large gatherings. They bring exhibitors and attendees together in a virtual environment, making them more available to everyone. They often decrease the expense of putting on an event while growing the scope and effectively increasing the return on investment (ROI).

This blog is for you if you've never hosted a virtual event before and are uncertain what sort of event you should host. We've compiled a list of ten innovative virtual event ideas for you to consider for the coming year.

These virtual events include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Virtual Trade Show
  • Virtual Product Launch
  • Virtual Exhibition Fair
  • Virtual Onboarding Fair
  • Live Webinar
  • Virtual Career Fair
  • Virtual Open Day
  • Virtual Education Fair
  • Virtual Conference
  • Virtual Job Fair

Let’s dive deep into the different types of stunning virtual events you can host

1. Virtual Trade Show


Trade shows led online allow businesses to get qualified leads more effectively. Trade shows can help educate our targeted audience and convert them into future clients, regardless of where geographic boundaries lay. Virtual trade shows can be also labelled according to the industry, such as virtual fashion shows, motor shows, and food shows.

If you are planning to showcase your products or services and gain as many leads as you can with minimal cost, virtual trade shows can be the best option.

2. Virtual Product Launch


How can you introduce a new product in the market? Go for a virtual product launch. A virtual launch event can help introduce your new product to a global audience, increase potential customers, provide insights about the attendees during the event, and lastly, the event will be cost-effective.

Interactive features and tools such as audio/video chat, webinars, presentations, live videos, and presentations can be added to your virtual launch to engage your audience.

3. Virtual Exhibition Fair


You may host a virtual exhibition fair or participate as an exhibitor at an event held by someone else. You can invite other organizations to show their goods and services if you are the host. As an exhibitor, you get to showcase your products and services without the pressure of hosting the actual event.

Features like chat tools, webinars, and live videos can be used to keep the attendees involved. Such features also help in converting leads into clients.

You can raise brand awareness by selling your products/services to the right audience with the aid of an online exhibition fair. It also allows businesses to sell their products through the event

4. Virtual Onboarding Fair


Employee onboarding and training can be a pain. When a company has many sites, it becomes a particularly difficult job. To say the least, organizing employee onboarding systems individually for each office can be a time-consuming process.

This problem can be solved with virtual onboarding fairs. Employees working at any location will simply log in to access the virtual event. They can gain access to important documentation and learn more about the company by visiting the event site's collateral.

New employees' time-to-productivity is improved, and the organization's training expenses are reduced, thanks to online onboarding fairs. They also allow the organization to guarantee consistency across all office locations when it comes to information sharing and employee training.

5. Live Webinar

A webinar requires less audience participation and could read a larger audience reach so that everyone around the world can tune in and listen. It typically lasts anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours and it consists of a speaker sharing knowledge on a specific topic. This can be good for your employees and clients to update them about your latest tools and information in regards to the chosen topic.


With a webinar, you can liven it up by having an influencer or a key speaker talk and discuss the topic. The main key for a virtual webinar is to educate and keep your audience engaged at all times. It can either be paid for or for free depending on how big the event is.

6. Virtual Career Fair


Do you want to attract top talent and boost your company's image? If that's the case, virtual job fairs are for you. By using the power of technology, a virtual job fair allows companies to reach out to a global talent pool.

Online job fairs are not only cost-effective, but they're also a perfect way to hire a diverse group of people. You can use chat tools to communicate with potential candidates, use webinars and presentations to disseminate information, and go beyond geographical boundaries to find the best available resources for your business.

Also, virtual job fairs allow employers to perform interviews in real-time. Organizations should use an interactive job board to post all open positions and collect resumes from interested applicants. They can also quickly sort through applicant information and filter applicants.

7. Virtual Open Day

We all have heard about or been to open days at colleges and universities are also known as “orientation day”. They are extremely beneficial to prospective students because they provide them with all of the knowledge, they need to make an informed decision and succeed in the application process. Open days are also a good way for colleges to advertise themselves.


Universities can reach out to a global pool of prospective students, diversify the student body, and actively promote services by hosting a virtual open day. They can speak to attendees and answer their questions, or they can gather information and follow up later.

On the event website, attendees can also find valuable documents such as brochures, course descriptions, and curriculum guides. Webinars and workshops will help to enhance information exchange even more.

8. Virtual Education Fair


These days, virtual education fairs are very popular. They allow universities to better promote their offerings, raising visibility as well as attracting the best students for their programs.

Universities will display their community, services, and values to a global audience through virtual education fairs. This extends the event's scope, offers more value for money, and makes the event more available to everyone.

Universities can connect easily with attendees and make an impression by using personalized booths, video vaults, and chat tools.

9. Virtual Conference

Virtual conferences remove the need to gather everyone in a huge room to discuss a subject of interest. Hosting a virtual conference allows companies to put on an online event with keynotes, breakout sessions, webinars, and more without having to fly people in from all over the world.


A virtual conference is not only cost-effective, but it also enables speakers to reach a broad audience without the restrictions of a typical physical meeting.

10. Virtual Job Fair

Hosting a virtual job fair allows you to act as a matchmaker between employers and job seekers. A virtual job fair uses technology to break down conventional barriers, attracting people from all over the world to meet, network, and interview with representatives from their ideal companies.


It encourages companies to conduct real-time chats, collect resumes, and conduct on the-spot interviews with job candidates. A virtual job fair may be the right virtual event for you if you are a company looking to recruit new talent.

Virtual events are popular right now and will continue to be popular in the coming future. Don't miss out; join the trend by implementing these virtual event ideas and hosting successful online events in 2021.

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