Due to increasing safety measures around the world, schools and universities have also shifted events to virtual platforms to increase connectivity with students and increase enrolment rate. With digital acceleration, universities need to adapt new means of improving college recruitment efforts and find ways to connect with students, educate prospective enrollees and other strategic means virtually.

According to statistics, there is a 70-80% increase in demand for virtual school events in recent months and 80% of people attend virtual education events since the pandemic. This implies that today, there is a higher engagement through virtual events in the education sector, which is the perfect timing for increasing your student enrolment.

Here are 6 tips on how virtual events can maximize your enrolment efforts:


Provide access to school events through multiple devices.

Virtual school events are a creative way to improve enrolment as users spend time on mobile, tablets and laptop devices frequently. During the virtual event, students can conveniently listen to current student’s experiences, watch on-demand videos and content, answer surveys, chat in real-time with attendees and school exhibitors and even engage on social media through any device.


Customize your virtual booth and promote your school

Virtual education fairs can maximize student attendance through appealing visuals and a flawless user journey. You can customize your digital booth and allow for a simple registration process with attractive designs such as university trademarks and colors. Students can then click on the events landing page and be interested to attend. You will also be able to access the profile of each student and follow-up with visitors that interact with the website. With this, you will promote your brand extensively at a lower cost.


Facilitate conversations through interactive chat interfaces and gamification

Communicating at virtual events is more convenient as it allows for text, video and audio to be shared amongst students. You can facilitate one-on-one communication with university representatives in a safe and quiet location. Students also become more willing to participate through reward programs, trivia challenges, and hosting entertaining games to improve audience engagement and encourage enrolment.

Structure content to educate prospective students

University events hosted digitally can be successful if the content is structured accurately. Prospective students are willing to enrol to programs when there is sufficient information provided on open days. Information can be presented through campus photo galleries, webinars, downloadable brochures, presentations from faculty members and creative flyers with complete details.


Segment virtual audience in online school events.

Digital platforms unlike physical events allows for a more personalized experience as large physical events can overwhelm students with information that is not relevant to their personal interests. However, virtual platforms such as Events10x allows university event organizers to segment the audience and connect with students all around the world, whether it is within the psychology department, for instance, or other subject areas.


Get real-time metrics about students

The beauty of hosting virtual career or university fairs is the ability to receive in-depth event reports and metrics from live and incoming chat information. With Events10x, organizers can gain statistical data on student visitors and develop a strategy to increase enrolments in the future. For instance, the amount of time spent during a particular activity is a great indicator of the visitor’s preferences.

Gain-Real-time-metrics-on-students.jpgAs virtual events dominate the world, events such as school fairs are more important now, more than ever, to boost enrolment.

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