The global health crisis has inspired a new trend as companies and event organizers adapt to the current pandemic. Remote working and various major events have been hosted virtually, thereby changing the future of how people do business. We have also seen a growing popularity of hybrid events that are held physically and virtually at the same time.

Although hybrid events bring about various benefits of increased engagement, reduced costs and greater Returns on Investment (ROI), it presents its own set of challenges. Therefore, this post will help businesses understand the steps to ensure the success of a hybrid event.

Have a clear understanding of your goals

Having clear goals is the essence of any successful event. However, hybrid events can be trickier due to the nature of the audience. Therefore, businesses hosting hybrid events should outline what they want to achieve.

These goals could be increased scalability or attendance to conferences. Whatever the goal may be, mapping out your goals can improve the management of both audiences and send your message across in a positive way.

Consider your target audiences carefully

The perspective of both audiences should be considered to host a successful hybrid event. Although the live attendees will have scheduled sessions in person, the virtual audience must be considered due to different times zones, especially global events.

Therefore, it is recommended to select convenient formatting such as a TV show format for virtual audiences and lecture style for live audiences.

Remember to engage with the remote audience

Content should be designed for both audiences to make a hybrid event work. The challenge here is facilitating conversation with the remote audience just as they would experience in a physical event. While live audiences can ask questions conveniently, the virtual attendees cannot raise important points in the same way without the right technology.
3c.jpgWith Events10X, for instance, using highly advanced tools has enabled the use of the polls and the Q&A feature to encourage the remote audience to engage in real time like the physical audiences.

Use the latest tools and digital technology

Hosting a hybrid event requires the use of necessary tools to enhance the customer experience. The audience should be able to enjoy the session uninterrupted and clearly along with the physical audience. For the best experience, organisers should ensure the highest quality streaming software and screens with HD view. To avoid any issues, it is always better to double check your equipment before going live.
Events10x goes beyond and even has an advanced multilingual interface and a built-in video engine to make it easier to connect with global audiences. Furthermore, the audience can also get post event metrics to develop their business in the future.

Have a strong marketing campaign

Having a bulletproof marketing campaign is important to lead the event to success. You can utilise the features of Events10x, which is social media integrated, to make it efficient for users to connect and bring traction to the event.

Another tip is for businesses is to create a landing page with details such as venue, the time of the activity, list of speakers and so on with a hashtag on social media.

Rehearse and choose an appropriate team

If this is your first time hosting a hybrid event, it is recommended to rehearse and prepare beforehand for a seamless experience. It can make the management of hybrid audiences much easier and allow the AV team to support the event when technical difficulties arise.

While hybrid events continue to grow in popularity, offer greater engagement, flexibility and a multitude of benefits, it is important to take these tips into consideration to execute a successful event. By doing so, businesses can reap the benefits and complete the end goal with an even greater impact on the audience.

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