As Virtual events are becoming more prevalent in today's digital age, sponsors are looking to get in on the action and become a part of the virtual events industry. They have recognized that virtual sponsorship in addition to being cheaper has multiple benefits like reaching a bigger audience, generating higher potential leads, collecting attendee data etc.

As an organizer, you can create tailor made sponsorship packages with numerous creative ways to ensure their sponsors receive the same, if not higher advantages than sponsoring a physical event. Here are a few examples on what you could add to your virtual sponsorship package that will ensure your sponsors are front and center at your event and how they can get the maximum benefits and return on their investment.

1. Virtual Branding

Virtual platforms are designed to simulate a physical environment, they have virtual counterparts of the physical event features like online registration desks, virtual lobbies, networking areas, auditoriums, exhibition areas etc. These digital environments give rise to branding opportunities for sponsors to showcase their logos, videos and links to the virtual audience. You can place their branding in heavy virtual traffic areas like the registration page, the lobby and the auditorium rooms which helps in creating brand awareness and association and an increased audience reach.


Below is an Image of our client ITC who requested a customised lobby with their logo present and special avatars for their desk.



2. Virtual Booth


You can give your sponsors premium complimentary booths for to highlight their branding materials and other collaterals. A virtual booth will allow the sponsors to directly interact with the audience and communicate necessary information and further add to creating brand awareness, reach and recall. It can also act as an effective tool for the lead generation of potential customers interested in the business and let them collect attendee feedback and queries. Here is a sample of one of the premium booths Events10x provides for sponsors.



3. 1:1 Meetings


Along with a virtual booth, individual team members from the sponsor organizations can represent the booth and have 1:1 meetings with attendees who are interested in them and conduct virtual networking. Your sponsors can utilize this feature as an additional lead generation tool for potential customers and follow up on interested parties. Instead of only using the chat, the Meetings features acts like an additional incentive for sponsors since they can have high-quality video and audio meetings with attendees from all across the world.



4. Data Collection

In your sponsorship package you can offer data analytics, with detailed information on the demographic of the attendees, booth clicks, engagement rates etc. You can further use surveys, poll features and rating systems to collect feedback, opinions and interests of the attendees. Sponsors can then use these analytics and data collection tools to their advantage to give out targeted communications to the attendees. The data collected will be highly beneficial for the long-term goals and objectives of the sponsors as the insights they would gather from a virtual platform is more quantifiable and actionable than that from a physical event.


5. Push notifications and Email marketing

Another feature that can be used to as incentive for sponsors is the use of push notifications where you can send the attendees or a specific segment of attendees the sponsor’s content. This creates another direct link of communication between the attendees and sponsors, it further adds to your sponsor reaching a bigger audience and sending out targeted messages.

6. Sponsored Sessions/Content

You can allow your sponsors to host sponsored sessions during the event, where they can utilize the sessions to further promote their company and talk about content that aligns with their goals and objectives. They can even use these sponsored sessions to make announcements of product launches, personnel changes or have industry-relevant topics be discussed.



7. ROI

In a physical event your sponsors would likely have to spend a lot of money and resources on the physical booth, SWAG collaterals, marketing, personnel, travelling costs and other operations. With a virtual event, these costs are heavily reduced and make sponsorship activities easy. All they have to do is sit back and relax and have the virtual platform do the heavy lifting. The virtual branding, higher audience reach and brand association, sponsored sessions, virtual networking, email campaigns etc will allow your sponsors to avail their ROI in no time and for a fraction of what they would have spent on a physical event.

As virtual events are gaining popularity, more and more event organizers are looking to host on virtual events platforms that have sponsorship booth and branding capabilities. The above mentioned are only a few of the multitude of benefits a sponsor can avail during a virtual event. To know the further benefits and advantages of how events10x uses its features to highlight sponsors, request a demo with one of our expert platform specialists now at