The future of events has evolved post pandemic with many companies hosting virtual events. In the pre-pandemic era, trade shows were one of the most profitable and popular events to be hosted by event planners. However, virtual exhibitions have taken the world by storm due to the benefits of increased engagement around the world and providing safety to attendees in the present scenario. With the increasing shift to virtual events, it is a must to know how to make it a huge success. Here are 12 expert tips to host a successful virtual exhibition.

Define your event segment accurately

Every event will be associated with multiple industries. Therefore, it is essential to define your event segment to attract relevant audiences, sponsors and exhibitors at the virtual event. In addition, the name of the event should match the industry with the landing page containing relevant details of what to expect.

Research your customer needs

Apart from defining your customers, it is important that you set clear objectives. This can be higher engagement, greater brand awareness or something else that allows your team to focus on a particular goal. This will help the event become a huge success and attain a good Return on Investment (ROI).

Discuss the features of the exhibition with the event platform

Technological evolution has enabled virtual events to host several features that customers may not know about but require for a successful event. Therefore, it is important to request a demo and learn about advanced event features such as multilingual interfaces, chat options and registration processes amongst others. This will allow for better engagement and a better experience.

Test the technologies to be used for a seamless user experience

Hosting a virtual exhibition can be rewarding but it comes with the risk of technical difficulties arising. Therefore, you need to do a complete test-run of your equipment with the latest technology in place. If you combine superior technology with a great marketing strategy, then your event will instantly stand out and create a lasting impression

Create a purposeful registration page

Develop a registration page that is functional where it can capture the information and the interest of your audience at the same time. A simple registration form that has concise content, with suitable questions to get relevant information, and attractive visuals can go a long way. If your exhibition involves payment, registrants must be smoothly directed to a payment page after they fill up the sign-up form.

Become a mobile-friendly event

Around 91% of internet users go online through their mobile device. This is a significant number and should be a deciding factor for your virtual event. To host the event successfully, you need to ensure the convenience of the event by making the event mobile-friendly and easily accessible for a seamless experience.

Activate push notifications and announcements

To maximize audience engagement, you should boost your virtual exhibition through push notifications. This will remind the audience to check out your event and increase visits to the site. It can also be used to notify the audience about special offers and top exhibitors that will participate, among others.

Highlight What’s Unique in Your Virtual Exhibition

With more and more event companies around, it becomes necessary to provide something unique to the audience by introducing better features and activities that surpass others. Therefore, you must focus on a great marketing strategy, better technology and engagement activities

Impress attendees with user-friendly floor plans

It is important to decide on an interactive floor plan where attendees can conveniently navigate and click on the exhibitors’ stands. Interactive floor plans can be utilized effectively for attendees to easily know where to find the booths, where to check out the gallery, and where they can inquire and ask for information.

Engage with the attendees

Make sure that the platform you will use has the capability to provide interactive virtual booths where attendees can easily navigate to access information, view the products or services being exhibited, readily communicate with virtual agents through live chats, exchange virtual business cards, and conduct meetings in a secured virtual setting

Set-up a facility to measure event success

The beauty of virtual events is the ability to measure the ROI through detailed event reports and metrics. This will help you understand the current situation and make major improvements to your future exhibitions even if any shortcomings were to arise. This will act as a benchmark and help in reaching success each time.

Follow-up with the virtual audience

Your virtual event continues even after the completion of the program. Many organizers make the mistake of not answering queries and following up with their attendees. The ability to reach out after the event can lead to greater conversion of prospects and create a strong relation with customers in the long-run.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your virtual exhibition will be a sure success. Contact us for a free-consultation if you’re planning to host a virtual exhibition in the future and we’ll help you organize a successful event with higher engagement rates and ROI.


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